Nov 01

Rep. Pete Lee – HD18

My wife, Lynn, and I have lived in Colorado Springs for over 37 years. This is where we raised our three children, Amanda, Rob and Brian. Having been a practicing lawyer, small business owner and executive at a NYSE listed corporation, as well as serving as a volunteer board member at numerous community non-profits, I bring a diverse background and varied experience to my position as a State Legislator.

While working in personnel at the Holly Sugar Corporation, a Fortune-500 company, I was admitted to the Colorado bar. I went on to practice law for twenty five years, first with a firm and later as a solo practitioner. I focused on representing individuals and small business owners in commercial and real estate transactions, employment, equal employment opportunity, franchising and litigation matters. I also practiced law in the criminal justice system. At various times during my career, I also worked as a real-estate agent, a college instructor, to restaurant owner and ski instructor.

Over the years, I have developed a passionate commitment to preserving Colorado’s natural beauty and become an active participant in wilderness activities including hiking, biking, trail running, white water rafting, angling and, most especially, mogul skiing.

Having lived the last 37 years in this community working for hundreds of clients, serving a wide variety of people and organizations, I have come to know the needs, hopes, difficulties and aspirations of our citizens. I have talked to leaders, administrators and advocates about healthcare and access to it, public education, dropout and graduation rates, criminal justice, prison crowding and recidivism, water, roads and infrastructure, employment and training, and environmental concerns.

I am now ready to dedicate my full-time efforts to improving our community by creative, open minded thinking, by drawing upon the best ideas from whatever sources or philosophical arenas and working toward practical and effective resolutions of our communities challenges.

Contact Rep. Lee:
Capitol Office Phone: (303) 866-8392
District Office Phone: (719) 632-1165
Website: http://peteleecolorado.com
Email: pete.lee.house@state.co.us