Mar 08

Peak Dems Office Targeted by Vandal

If you have seen the news you know that the Peak Dems office has been a target for vandalism.   Our locks have now been glued three times, two times requiring new locks which has turned out to be incredibly expensive–it turns out that commercial locks are very hard to remove especially when filled with gorilla glue. To date this has cost us $1200.00.   Good news though–the perpetrator has been caught and is currently in jail. We have gotten a restraining order against him and hope that he finds something new to occupy his time.

We are currently getting information about installing cameras in the office. While it appears that this gentleman was not necessarily politically motivated, this has caused us to rethink our security here at the office.

The unplanned expense of replacing the locks is having an impact on our budget. And if you haven’t been by the office lately, stop by and visit. After the last several weeks we could all use seeing some friendly faces.