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Aug 15

Julia Endicott: Your Choice for Women’s Issues

NARAL PRO-CHOICE COLORADO SMALL DONOR COMMITTEE ANNOUNCES 2016 STATE LEGISLATIVE ENDORSEMENTS Denver – As the critical 2016 election cycle hits the homestretch the NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Small Donor Committee, the political arm of the pro-choice movement, is announcing its state legislative endorsements for both incumbents and challengers in Colorado. “Colorado is a pro-choice state, and …

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Aug 09

AAICD Reminds You: If you have done your time…You can VOTE

There is nothing in place to notify re-entrants of this fact. We wonder why. No we don’t, we know why.  The following people are eligible to register and vote in Colorado: • People with a past criminal conviction who have completed their sentence, including parole (if required) • People currently in jail pretrial (pending the …

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Aug 09

Chris Walters, Why are you Running?

Why are you running for office? I am running for House District 14 because I am tired. I am tired of the party of “no”. I am tired of being manipulated by the moneyed interests who define our government, both nationally and locally. I am tired of being defined by what I am against. Mostly, …

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Aug 05

Turn El Paso County Blue

El Paso County Democrats could use your help. We have several local candidate that need phone bankers, canvassers, data entry. Think about getting Electra, Liz, Misty, Pete, Tony, Mark Anthony, Julia, and even more local Democrats getting elected. Think about turning this county True Blue. Phone banks Mon, Tues, Wed at Pak Dems office 22 …

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Jul 29

Pete Lee For Colorado Springs

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