Aug 04

Democratic Values By Ryan Macoubrie



I am a Democrat because I share and support the values of the Democratic Party—our time-honored basic American values.

Which are?  In short, and in no particular order:

We value reason and creativity—encouraging everyone to think for themselves.

We value equality and fairness—treating others as we would want to be treated.

We value diversity and inclusion—welcoming everyone into our community.

We value cooperation and compromise—working together to get good things done.

We value innovation and courage—daring to do new things.

We value compassion and generosity—helping people.

We value safety and security—protecting public interests.

We value responsibility and accountability—holding ourselves and each other to high moral standards.

We value knowledge and utility, freedom and opportunity, equity and empowerment, honesty and integrity, excellence and efficiency, transparency and open-communication.

We value civility and kindness, humility and service, honor and respect, justice and peace.

And these values—Democratic values, basic American values—define our vision of a positive politics in a strong democracy: where everyone is informed, everyone participates, and everyone benefits.

This vision and these values support and inform the politics and policies we pursue—from investing in education to protecting and expanding voting rights, from growing broad economic prosperity to supporting marriage equality, from updating immigration laws to protesting injustice, trusting science, and embracing change.