Colorado Progressives Coalition to Fight Unfair Foreclosure

The Elected Officers of the El Paso County Democratic Party have teamed up with the Colorado Progressive Coalition and dozens of other community groups to fight to end unjust foreclosures. In 2006, the Colorado State Legislature sided with banks, making it easier for lenders to foreclose on Colorado home owners. The 2006 law says that banks are not required to provide proof of their ownership of the mortgage, and that an attorney for the lender only has to sign an affidavit asserting ownership. This has resulted in abuse and fraud. In many cases, banks do not have the original documents or know where they are, but the courts have been ruling in their favor.

The 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: “no person….shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” Colorado home owners are in jeopardy until this law is repealed.

Contact Info for CD-5 Rep and Colorado Senators

Most of us have been watching the drama in Washington, waiting to see what will happen and calling our representatives and senators.

If you would like to call and make your voice heard our local representative is:
Doug Lamborn – 202-225-4422 (DC) or 719-520-0055 (local)

Our Senators:
Michael Bennet – 866-455-9866 (DC) or 719-328-1100 (local)
Mark Udall – 877-768-3255 (DC) or 719-471-3993 (local)

If you are interested in reaching other members of Congress, go to: or for a listing of Senators.

Why Are You a Democrat in El Paso County?

This past Sunday I opened up the Gazette to catch up on local happenings. On the editorial page there was a letter from Ted Young. An excerpt from his letter:

For all of you progressive liberal Democrats who have moved here, especially over the past 15 years, I have one question for you, why?
I would never move to San Francisco or New York or Detroit. If you like it here, please don’t try to change it to some liberal hellhole….